About Casasosa Cakes

Mini-Tiered "Girls Night" Cake

       Casasosa Cakes was established in 2000. It is a family owned and operated business run by Karen Sosa. Karen was originally trained as an artist, but it was apparent from a very early age that her first love was baking. She was always putting something together to bake, and as her mother says, "it always had to look good!". That was how she got the nick-name "Little Miss Neat and Fine".

Traditional Steamed Christmas Pudding

     Karen spent most of her teenage years in her Grandmother's kitchen, listening to family stories, watching, learning, and documenting all of her grandmother's methods and recipes. She was always encouraged to bake something of her own.  Her Grandmother made everything with 100% heart, and if you ask Karen what the most important ingredient in all her baking is, she'll say "LOVE!".

The Famous Pina Colada Cake

     After Karen completed her education, she started working in the Graphic Arts industry. For 13 years Karen took baked treats to work every week. She tried her recipes out on her co-workers, introducing them to her family favourites... the famous Pina Colada Cake, the Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cheesecake, the Traditional Steamed Christmas Pudding. Every week one of them would ask her "what are you doing here? You should be running your own bakery."

Fondant Ladybug Cake

     Eventually, after the birth of her second child, she started her "homemade" bakery. Then, after the birth of her third child, the bakery became a full-fledged business. Today, Karen is happily baking away for a big family of customers. She puts her touch of art on everything she creates, and she continues to put 100% heart into all her baking... just like her Grandmother taught her to! 

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